Marshmallow Research
Jan 28, 2014
The tweets started slowly: "Spotted: Oreo's new Marshmallow Crispy Flavors." The next morning there were small headlines, then the social media floodgates opened. The new Oreos don't officially launch until February 3rd, but Nabisco's new marshmallow cookie sandwich is already a success.
While the idea is generating a lot of buzz, mushing marshmallows and cookies together has been done many times, all over the world. A trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market will take you to candy aisles from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe and Marshmallows (with and without cookies) are everywhere. 
Latin America has the most marshmallow variety and the best mascots. A friendly ghost fronts the marshmallow-strawberry filled Bubu Lubus. Ricolino is a chocolate covered Marshmallow clown face on a stick. My favorite, Mamut, features a wooly mammoth wielding a chocolate covered marshmallow sandwich. I'm not sure what these things have to do with marshmallows, but they're awesome.
Eastern Europe keeps up appearances with simple elegant packaging. They're ready for tea time on the outside but just as fun and sweet on the inside.
I thought I had struck out in the Asian aisle, then came the Hello Kitty Lottepie, followed by a dozen marshmallow flavors - grape, apple,  strawberry - all with bright, cartoon covered packaging. It makes me want to book a trip for further research.
Marshmallows are molded and branded in each country to strike a cord. Nabisco has tickled our collective fancy - combining our favorite dunking cookie with one of the first "recipes" many of us ever made, Rice Krispies. 
The recent headlines and my research make me so excited to share Malvi marshmallow sandwiches - a new, all natural, unique interpretation of an internationally beloved treat. They also have given me ideas for our next wave of marshmallow confections...coming soon!
If you have a favorite store-bought marshmallow treat from your childhood or home country, let me know! I'd also love to hear your suggestions for new Malvi items. Tweet, Instagram or Facebook me @MalviJoy.