Snow Day
Jan 30, 2014
A few things are obligatory on snow days: Wool socks, snowmen, naps, and hot chocolate. The last item should be a thick, hearty, celebratory cup, not a thin, quicky Swiss Miss. It doesn't take much time or effort to make superior hot chocolate. You just need to have a few ingredients in your pantry and these simple tricks up your sleeve.
Start with good milk. Whole is preferable, organic if you can afford it. The chocolate should be solid (powder is fine, but give this a try and see if you ever go back). My favorite drinking chocolates are Taza ($$$) and Abuelita ($). Both are Mexican Style, stone ground, and easily break into pieces so you can scale the chocalatey-ness of your drink just the way you like it. 
A Mexican molinillo or whisk will add a nice froth while you gently heat the milk and chocolate together in a heavy bottom saucepan. I don't typically add extra flavoring, but sometimes a drop of vanilla, a dash of cinnamon, or perhaps a bay leaf or orange rind infusion will match my mood. I do like to throw in a pinch of salt just before serving. 
The final heavenly touch is a halo of homemade marshmallows (you can let us take care of that for you). Then curl up by the fire and enjoy having nothing better to do - as if there was anything better.