Summer in The City
Jun 26, 2014


Of course they inspected it. I tossed the TSA notice aside and popped open box after box. Of the 400 Malvis packed in my checked luggage only two had broken! That left 398 Malvis to sprinkle around the city. Was I intimidated - a small, southern confectioner, bringing her homespun creation to one of the most influential food cities in the world? A little, but I packed bags full of marshmallow cookie sandwiches and set out with a scribbled notepad and google maps app.

The notes had come from the team at City Grit, a food community, pop-up meal incubator, and food think tank. When I asked which New York stores they thought should carry Malvi I could barely scratch down all the names, spit out like an automatic card shuffler.

It had only been a year since I moved from New York, but the landscape of restaurants, food carts, and most of all coffee houses had changed. I remembered the tiny outpost that La Colombe had set up in SoHo which had my favorite cappuccino in the city, and Blue Bottle's temporary Highline stand, where I used to get sublime iced Americanos while walking over the city. Now both had multiple storefronts, along with Stumptown which is selling in independent coffee shops as well. I introduced myself to the baristas (almost as nice as the Octane crew!) and shared Malvis all around.

Chillin at La Colombe in the West Village

A very happy discovery came in the form of giant, light, fluffy, expertly glazed doughnuts from Dough. I ended up taking home a dozen hot and fresh monsters on the plane. Another treat I had to share with the family were the famous Laduree Macarons. Visiting Laduree required a trek to the Upper West Side (I usually don't go past 30th St), but while I was up there I visited Zabars and Dylan's Candy Bar, two food wonderlands from famous New York families.

I spent my last day in Brooklyn, amid the innovators, the creators, the coolest of the cool. Then it was back on the plane, one less piece of luggage to carry. 

More news to come on where to get Malvis in the City that never sleeps...