Smore's of the Day April 25, 2015: Hazelnut Chocolate with Hanuta
Apr 28, 2015

Hazelnut and Chocolate made Michele Ferrero a billionaire because IT IS AWESOME. You may think of Nutella as the best candidate for a chocolate hazelnut s'more, but if you have access to Hanuta there is no question which trumps. Hanuta is a toasted wafer with a milk chocolate and hazelnut filling. It's an amazing cookie-filling combo for a s'mores. All that's missing is the mallow.

To make our version of a Hazelnut Chocolate S'mores, unwrap the Hanuta and microwave it for 15 seconds to soften the filling. Twist the wafers apart (like an oreo), and set it aside on a plate. Skewer 3 Malvavisco Mini Chocolate or Vanilla marshmallows and roast over a grill, gas stove, or with a blow torch. Slide the mallows onto the wafer, sandwich, and savor!