Fika Culture
May 02, 2015

A Swedish friend recently told me about Fika, a red light cry of the work day. When someone declares "Fika", you are obligated to stop what your doing and enjoy a coffee, a pastry, some company, and a repose.

In the States we have our Fika moments, but more often we drink coffee while catching up on emails, sitting through a meeting, or plugging in at our favorite coffee shop to get stuff done in a more amiable atmosphere. 

I love coffee, I enjoy having coffee with people, but I am more likely to take a cup to my desk and drink in between typing (like I'm doing now).

Some of my favorite photos from Malvi's Instagram are those that capture Fika moments - the times people step away and find an oasis of calm with a cup. I  hope they encourage you, and me, to declare "Fika" daily.

Photo By @HannahSwede , the daughter of my Swedish friend. Nailed it!

Land of a Thousand Hills lets you do good while drinking coffee, satisfying our need for multitasking and the Fika mandate in one sip.

 Photo by @melodyjoymunn , a Fika practitioner whether she knows it or not. Check out her feed to see how she celebrates coffee in style.

Photo by @saralrash , a fashionable Texan and bff of the awesome maker behind that mug, @topknotnatalie - two very rad chicks.

Photo by @mildredretana , the best Sister-In-Law and Social Media expert ever (she's the eyes behind many Malvi posts). Follow her coffee adventures at #milkywaylatte . Here she's enjoying a brew from No Six Depot, a Malvi retailer in West Stockbridge, MA.