Malvi uses top shelf ingredients including Fair Trade chocolate, whole vanilla beans, dried powdered hibiscus flowers, and rBST free butter. We use no corn syrup, eggs, artificial preservatives, or fake colorings so that we can offer pure, delicious flavors with no worries! Find out more about our ingredients and nutritional information here.
Malvis will stay delicious at least twelve weeks upon arrival. You can extend your Malvis' shelf life by keeping them closed in an air-tight bag. Try warming your Malvis for 5 seconds in a microwave or 30 seconds in a toaster oven - it brings older Malvis back to life and makes any Malvi un-be-lievably good.
Every effort is made to ship your order within 48 hours. Shipments should generally arrive within 5 business days depending on your location. Shipments weighing less than four pounds are shipped via USPS Priority or First Class mail. Orders over 4 pounds are shipped via Fed Ex. Between May - August we highly recommend Express delivery to avoid heat damage. Please be careful to track your orders during these months to limit outside exposure.
We would love to work with you to create custom packaging for your celebrations and events. Malvi makes amazing wedding/party favors, corporate gifts, and dessert table centerpieces. Aside from our diverse, bold line of flavors we have limited ability to create custom flavors for high volume orders. Email us at email us: or call 1-404-884-8179 for more information.
Malvi marshmallows contain no gluten and are kosher, but our petit beurre cookies have dairy and gluten ingredients so Malvi marshmallow cookie sandwiches are not kosher. Malvis do not contain nuts, but nuts may be present in our cooking facilities.
We ship fresh batches of Malvi from Cumming, GA across the US and internationally. Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram feed for updates on our shop, the Malvi truck, and our current retail partners.
If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying Malvi, please contact or call 1-404-884-8179 for more information.