Grilling Season!
Jun 10, 2014


Grilling season is in full swing. If you're not excited yet, just read this post and check out our Food Network Grilling Feature. Then, plan a trip to The Home Depot, because grilling is about to make your life better. Here are just a few ways how:


1. Grilling is a team sport - Usually one person bears the load in meal preparation, but everyone pitches in around the grill. Don't worry, we have dessert covered!

2. Grilling is healthy - Butter doesn't mix well with fire, but veggies and lean meats do! (Marshmallows are fat free too!)


3. Grilling is relaxed - Sit back, watch the fireflies, get sticky fingers, don't even think about touching that phone.


4. Grilling is natural - Food is better with fire. In fancy kitchens they refer to the Maillard reaction for proteins and Caramelization for sweets - it's when heat brings out and browns food's natural sugars to create deep, toasty flavors. Usually there are a lot of appliances and equipment in the way, but with grilling it's pure, direct GBD (golden brown deliciousness). See what I mean?


5. Grilling keeps you warm - As the temperature drops, memories of warm nights and glowing coals will keep you going until the next grilling season comes around. If you're really feeling the withdrawal, you can always try griddling. It's almost as good.