Planning Hard, Playing Harder
Feb 18, 2014

From the moment Malvi Marshmallow Confections began last December, we knew we wanted to join up with The Not Wedding . Besides throwing fantastic parties, the girls behind The Not Wedding care about finding quality, local vendors to help brides and grooms plan an amazing wedding day that will launch joyful, thriving marriages. They do all this by hosting a fake wedding where "wedding guests" are brides-to-be, the featured couple are actually married and renewing vows, and we vendors get to share our best wedding offerings while also enjoying the festivities.

This year's Atlanta Not Wedding event was hosted at the W Hotel in Buckhead (yes, it was that swanky). 

We designed and created a dessert table featuring Malvi flavors with emeralds, magenta gems, and dusky gold stones to match the "jewel and light" theme and to highlight our all-natural ingredients like fresh dewy raspberries and sparkling green mint.

Mint Chocolate Malvi Marshmallow Confections with Emerald Accents            Raspberry Hibiscus Malvi Marshmallow Confection at The Not Wedding Event     

It was the perfect occasion to introduce our *new* Mini Malvis, which are now available for custom catering orders! The single-bite Malvis were small enough to allow guests to try all flavors. Joy!

All guests took home a Malvi favor box in their swag bag as a reminder of the amazing night. 

Malvi Marshmallow Confections Wedding Favors at The Not Wedding

The Not Wedding exceeded its glittering reputation. The highlight of the night was a surprise flash mob engagement (we're hoping someone posts a video!). We were thrilled to meet so many excited brides-to-be and to hear their reactions to Malvi - so encouraging! We also loved getting to know fellow small businesses and were so impressed their amazing, lovingly made offerings. Hannah from the Brown Bag Soap Company wowed us with her soaps and candles made from Sweetwater hops and inspired by classic cocktails (the Gin and Tonic was my favorite - I can't wait for the soap version!). Liz from Liddabits graciously designed adorable mini banners and flags for our display (see the "joy" banner below). Lindsay Coletta's flower artistry blew me away, and I can't wait to work with her on future events. Everyone did a phenomenal job to put on a remarkable event. I'm sure The Not Wedding effect will multiply and lead to many perfect days for the brides of Atlanta!

Malvi Wedding Dessert Bar at The Not Wedding Atlanta, W Hotel Buckhead

If you'd like to make your big day extra special with Malvi Marshmallow Confections, call us to plan your custom favors, dessert table, or s'mores bar (404) 884-8179