Malvi Hack
Jan 24, 2014
Malvis are a carefully calibrated kind of wonderful. We measure each marshmallow and cookie to the last gram and degree. We pick the best ingredients and balance each flavor until they achieve eye-rolling levels of satisfaction. I was confident we had left no room for improvement. Then my mom called.
My Aunt Pat had left her Malvi unwrapped so that they became slightly hardened and stale after several days. Determined to enjoy her snack, she placed the Malvis on a tray and into the microwave for a 5 second blast. My mom almost squeaked over the phone at this point of the story..."It is amazing!"
Aunt Pat hacked Malvi, and found a way to make something great even better. Pat's landmark discovery reminds me of a Pablo Neruda Poem:
beauty is twice beauty
and what is good is doubly good
when it is a matter of [two Malvis
made molten in the microwave] 
Something like that.
If you think microwaves are immobile Terminators, plotting to take over the planet after we've all died of brain cancer (I'm one of you, but sometimes I just need to melt butter FAST), you can get the same results in a toaster oven. You'll just have to wait an extra 30 seconds or so. 
 Easy Tiger. Start with 5 seconds and build by 3 second increments.
7 seconds later...perfection
PRO-TIP, if you happen to own a wood fired oven, The results are indescribably good!